Exterior Decoratives Installation

Exterior Decoratives Installation

Your building provides a best impression, we recognize the importance of your interest, AlSheikh specializes in providing outstanding Exterior Insulation decorative models. We have set a high standard and started performing projects in Qatar, yet we pay close attention to the detail on each project. We have worked hard to earn our reputation within the State of Qatar.

Our experienced technical team on the ground is supervised by well oriented management team. We offer our customers the timely project delivery.

Application Techniques

Obtaining the measurements of vertical and horizontal surface. Smoothening and cleaning the surface from any cavities available. Previously installed coating should also be removed.

Cladding Installation

Adhesive Cement is applied on surface. After being set on starter strip, panels are attached to the wall. No gaps to be left between the panels. They can be painted in any color as desired.

Windows and Borders

After the top and sides of the frame are installed, we can turn to the sill. To avoid plain appearance of the sill we cut the angles, so it will provide suitable continuation of the model.